Huawei GSM / UMTS / LTE Optimisation and Performance Engineer

Location:  Brussels, Belgium

Huawei GSM / UMTS / LTE Optimisation and Performance Engineer

(Huawei, GSM, UMTS, LTE, QoS, QoE, Optimisation, Performance, RAN, Radio, EPC)

We are searching for a Huawei Radio Optimisation and Performance Engineer for our customer based in Brussels.
Th purpose of the role is to be the technical lead in optimizing the mobile network and proposing necessary solutions for improving the End to End network performances
and end-to-end responsibility for taking all the appropriate actions from the requirements to the implementation.

Desired / Required skills:

- 2G GSM / 3G UMTS / 4G LTE Radio Optimization.
- Network Parameters Tuning.
- Drive Testing execution and post-processing.
- Capacity Management.
- GIS Analysis and reporting (MapInfo, QGIS, etc.)
- KPI's Reporting
- Troubleshooting
- Network Performance - End to End Optimization.
- Knowledge of RAN (2G.3G.4G, SIP) protocols, trace collection and analysis.
- Knowledge of Packet Service/Circuit Service Core Network/ EPC (Evolved Packet Core) protocols, trace collection and analysis.
- Knowledge of Huawei Equipment.
- Presentation skills.
- Developer or SQL skills is a plus.

Daily duties to consist of:

• Issues a global strategy to improve End to End network (voice and data) quality.
• Define and lead periodic Service Quality improvement plans.
• Optimizes current parameter and features deployed on Network to cope with network changes so as to improve overall network performance.
• Defines parameter setting to enable new features improving quality or capacity. Performs regular features parameter audit.
• Provides radio parameter guidelines for Service Provider
• Challenge the compliancy and the workload of Service Provider to implement provided guidelines.
• Defines KPI to assess Quality of Experience and not only Quality of Service and ensures follow-up of the KPI’s with the partner management office.
• Lead the definition of the KPI dashboard to answer Business and Group needs (Service Level Agreements, Forecast, etc.)
• Investigates all national network quality issues (raised by dashboard, benchmark campaigns…) and ensures their resolution
• Interacts with Group and Affiliates on radio optimization and features and capitalizes on their experience and feedback
• Evaluates and makes recommendations for the future considering the technical evolutions on the market.
• Leads implementation projects and coordinates (and coaches if necessary) a core team for the solution or evolution implementation.
• Leads the Radio Access Network and support other network domains capacity forecasts.
• Responsible of the mass events configurations, capacity planning and features/parameters activations.
• Marketing (Product Manager) and other internal clients (Operations, Customer Services, etc) to gather appropriate information for systems and services development.

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